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Why use Honeybee Forms?
Why use Honeybee Forms?

Easily integrate your pre-screener into your study workflow.

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Honeybee Forms is a drag-and-drop form-builder to build HIPAA-compliant and secure, patient-facing forms. It enables you do collect data in survey, video, and voice formats.

Two commons of use cases for Honeybee Forms are:

  1. Digital Pre-screeners to screen patients before they reach your research team

  2. Study Data Collection to collect survey, video or voice data during the study

When you use Honeybee Forms as a digital pre-screener, you can apply logic to automatically screen and verify participants before they reach your clinical team.

Participants screening for your study will also know right away whether they can proceed to the next stage of your study or not based on their responses. If their preliminary screening data doesn't match, they will automatically be sent a message to let them know that they didn't qualify. If it matches, you will automatically be notified so you can continue to further screen or begin any research activities. Click here to learn more about Digital Pre-screeners on Honeybee.

Study Data Collection

Honeybee Forms can be used for remote data collection on the patient-facing Honeybee Mobile App in decentralized trials or partially decentralized trials. Data can be collected in survey video or voice formats depending on the needs of your study.

Data collection links will be automatically sent to participants through the Honeybee Mobile App at a specified time. Custom reminders help participants submit data to you on time.

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