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Digital Screeners

A powerful way to leverage Honeybee Forms to digitally screen participant leads before they reach your clinical team.

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Once Participant Leads are coming into your study, you can review their digital screening responses to accept or decline the Participant to proceed further in your enrolment process.

What happens when a participant screens for my study?

When a participant screens for your study through Honeybee Forms, one of two things will happen:

  1. A Screened Participant may have been qualified through the preliminary screening logic. You will then receive an email notification to accept or decline this participant upon your further reviews. Click here to learn how to review screening responses from participant leads.

  2. A Declined Participant was not qualified through the preliminary screening logic. You will NOT receive an email notification. The declined participant will still show up in your “Participant Leads” list as “Declined” for their Study Status. Click here to learn how to change a participant's Study Status.

How to review digital screener responses from participant leads

  1. You can review digital screening responses by logging in and going to Studies > Click your "[Study Title]" to review the Participant Leads for that study.

  2. Then, navigate to the “Participant Leads” list and click on “Clipboard Icon” beside the new participant lead to open up a panel on the right side.

  3. Review the screening responses and information on the right side panel

⚠️ Note: A Study Manager will not be able to see participant screening responses. Click here to see the difference between Research Collaborator account types and their permission settings.

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